A New Beginning

My name is Ellen, and in September I started studying at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, doing a foundation diploma in art and design. This is my new beginning.

I am particularly fearful of change, but this big leap hasn’t rocked me so far – the course has been going on for a month now, and so far I have enjoyed the experience. We were firstly asked to build shelters as part of an induction activity, which allowed me to laugh and have fun amongst so many new people! We then progressed to 2 weeks of fine art. Despite this short time on the fine art pathway, I could already feel myself growing in the field.

I feel at home doing paintings and drawings, but I very quickly (and surprisingly) allowed myself some free reign to try things outside my comfort zone…creating pieces more simplistic and sparse than usually dare.

fine art experiment

I was inspired by artists that I had never heard of, that I had never considered would interest me. They made me consider spaces within my work, the importance of shape and the effects of different media. My experiments became not only a product of this newfound inspiration, but the discovery of a whole new way of creative thinking.

Following these two weeks doing fine art, we got the opportunity to study graphics and moving image. These were whole new worlds to me, but once again I found myself creating work that didn’t seem ‘me’ at all – whether the work is deemed good or not, it certainly has been a new experience!

In this short month, I feel I have creatively progressed more than I have done in years. Lets hope it lasts!

Next week, we start Fashion & Textiles, and 3D design – another pathway that is completely alien to me! I will continue to post updates documenting this scary, exciting and entirely new ‘creative journey’…….



2 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Really glad that you have left the old “me” at the front door of UCA Farnham. An open mind will enable you to over come the future challenges that almost always creep up on you during the course. Good luck.

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