everything’s connected…

I like to tell people that art is ‘my thing’, because it’s what I enjoy and it’s the one thing I feel mildly skilled at. But in reality, art is so alien to me that I seem to have new revelations every day. Researching for my fashion/3D design project has made me realise that the specialised pathways (fine art, photography, fashion, 3D design, graphics and moving image) are connected in so many more ways than I thought, and do not stay within the boundaries of their specialism, as my strict A-level trained brain had thought.

The fact alone that fashion & textiles and 3D design were rolled into one project baffled me, as I had no idea how you could possibly combine the two and still fulfil the brief. As I researched further, I discovered fashion designers who create ‘wearable architecture’, architects who are inspired by natural form and the flow of fabrics, and artists who take everything into consideration and create beautiful pieces that I couldn’t categorise at all.

In short, I realised that these art disciplines or ‘categories’ aren’t restrictive at all – they can be stretched and challenged by work that fits in to none of them, or all of them.

I thought that I would only fit into the ‘fine art’ category, because I’m not very skilled on computers and I haven’t had much practice making things in the workshop, among other things. But I’m glad to have finally realised that the skills I have can be applied to any discipline, as long as I am inspired.

‘a world of endless possibilities’. fine art week 2 experiment.




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