Evaluating Graphic Design

If the fine art pathway felt like a new beginning for me, then the graphic design rotation was a huge leap. Organising my portfolio from the past six weeks has reminded me quite how new graphic design was to me. I had never used adobe illustrator, never designed a poster using a computer and never in fact created anything with the discernible purpose of promotion. Whether what I made is any good remains to be seen, but I certainly am pleased to have tackled the project and created a decent outcome.

Our task was to design three posters promoting a book entitled ‘Square Circle Triangle’ by Bruno Munari. When doing the starter exercise of drawing some experiments with these shapes, I found myself struggling to come up with forms or patterns that were imaginative and interesting. I was immediately flustered by the fact that I couldn’t seem to produce something, with even the most basic shapes to work with. However keeping in mind that we’re told “mistakes are good”, I kept working on these little designs; in the end, it took only one to spark an idea for the designs of my posters.

my ‘bold’ experiment, top left, was what prompted the poster design ideas.

I found it difficult to settle with designs that appeared 2D. None of them seemed to ‘stick out’ enough for me to think they could be impactful. This is why I chose to give my posters a 3D cube theme, whereby I used the shapes within or on the outside of a cube drawing. Having this solid object of a cube to base things on, I felt much less daunted by the task – I now had an object, be it drawn in 2D, to work on.

When finalising the posters, it barely occurred to me to add colour. The designs themselves were challenge enough, without the added aspect of colours to worry about. Instead, I decided to very slightly alter the tones of grey to make them slightly more blue or red. I feel that this was enough to add a subtle mood and sense of ‘life’ to the designs, without overpowering the shapes – as that was the primary focus of the task.

details of each of my three final posters

My final posters may not be graphic design masterpieces, but I feel a sense of pride that I managed to get through graphic design week, having never done anything like this before.


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