As the first term of my foundation year comes to a close, I’m astounded by how fast time has gone. It’s already been 7 weeks, a quarter of the time I’ll spend at UCA this year. For some time I have been feeling very content with my current creative situation; spending most of my time making things, and broadening my artistic horizons. However what’s coming up now is the obstacle that I cant avoid – the seasonal change from autumn to winter, and my inevitable emotional ‘crash’ after this 7 weeks of excitement and novelty of a new place. Every year since I’ve been at secondary school, I have felt hugely low after the first term, as the days get shorter and the sun doesn’t make as much of an appearance. I haven’t been able to combat this so far, but perhaps this year I’ll be able to do something about it.

Since I’ve been at UCA, I’ve been seeing things and thinking about things in a much more creative way. Looking at some of the trees and the sky and the buildings, and thinking ‘I’d love to paint those’, or simply thinking more about how those things make me feel… if the sky looks miserable, or the day feels sad. Maybe if, for once, I were able to convey some of those thoughts or feelings through my work, I will feel better about what is happening. How the seasons are changing, how the days are getting shorter, how some days feel sad or miserable, how some days I miss my friends like crazy. I feel like creativity might just help me cope.

For my essay for part 2 of the foundation year, I plan to focus on an artist that conveys their emotions and feelings through their work, and I want to focus on this specifically. It may well help me to use my emotions, both positive and negative, as inspiration for work that I create in the near future.

it’s miserable up there, but…

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