the things i have learned

Today was deadline day for the final project of our foundation diploma in art and design. Here is a list of the lessons I have learned and the things I have experienced in this rollercoaster of a year:

  1. Don’t assume you won’t make any friends. You’re in a place full of other creative people, and they are all as weird as you are.
  2. A lot of creative people are also as emotional as you are. This is a relief.
  3. Listen to your tutors. Their talks can be long and boring, but they are more knowledgable in the arts than you could could ever dream of being.
  4. Don’t eat or drink in the studio.
  5. Eating lunch in studio with your new friends is a great way to bond.
  6. You were born to be an art school stereotype.
  7. Don’t learn to recognise fellow students by their hair colour – it never lasts.
  8. You’ll never stop thinking of milk as puss and meat as rotting flesh, thanks to the vegan friends you have made.
  9. Everyone is critical about their own artwork, but most of them shouldn’t be.
  10. Being the token straight girl makes you the minority in your friend group. However your appreciation for good looking girls is dramatically increased as a result.
  11. If you can’t handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.
  12. Swallow your beef.
  13. Don’t inadvertently tell a vegan to swallow their beef.
  14. You make some people laugh because you embrace who you are – a total and utter weirdo.
  15. Indie music is mainstream within the walls of art school.
  16. Your friends are beautiful, kind, loving souls. Friends from both home and university.
  17. You actually really like photography, and have learned what most of the buttons on a digital camera do.
  18. You may have failed an attempt at developing film and using a 35mm camera, but you now know that the acoustics in a darkroom are excellent and singing Beyonce’s ‘Listen’ while failing at any creative endeavour is a particularly effective mood booster.
  19. Experimenting with new artistic techniques and processes can be fun, and often successful.
  20. Shit. You want to study fine art next year.
  21. Despite this course only lasting one year, and despite your initial worries that any friendships would be short lived, you have definitely made friends for life.
  22. You have some real competition in the creative world. Insanely talented, passionate, creative, inspirational competition.
  23. You may be weak of body, but you are strong of heart and mind.
  24. You can conquer anything.

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