Why you should start journalling

In mid August, with the new uni year approaching, I felt I would need somewhere to jot down my thoughts and feelings. I have had sketchbooks, diaries, notebooks and all manner of other things, but never a journal. *Cue excellent excuse to buy more stationery*

I’d heard of bullet journalling, but never bothered to try because I knew I wasn’t disciplined enough. As much as the neatly written lists and perfect fine liner boxes are aesthetically pleasing, I struggle to consistently write daily diary entries, let alone plan my days to the perfectly drawn letter.

What appealed to me more was the idea of a journal where I could sketch, scribble, write to do’s, express my feelings, and more. Essentially I wanted ONE BOOK for EVERYTHING. 

Searching online for ways to do this is where I stumbled across the youtube channel ‘Overall Adventures‘, by the wonderful Tina Cody. It’s a channel dedicated to journalling tips, artistic inspiration and healthy living. Upon finding the channel, I felt utterly inspired to create a journal and be disciplined in keeping up with it.

So here is what I have used my journal for so far:




2. Lists and mind maps



3. Sketching/doodling



4. writing down my thoughts and feelings

writing one happy moment per day

I can safely say, since mid august, I have used my journal every day. It feels like a consistency in my life that I’ve never had before, and I now take my journal wherever I go. I would recommend this style of journalling (the ‘do everything in one book’) to anyone who feels like they cant consistently use a diary or bullet journal or sketchbook every day. Having a journal like this allows you to feel organised, while also giving you a space to write your feelings and sketch when you feel creatively inspired. You can use coloured pens, you can use fine liners, you can be neat or messy, OR BOTH. There is no right or wrong.

It’s totally down to you.


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