Fine Art degree

I have begun a new journey – studying a BA in Fine Art. It has felt like a tricky undertaking; as with any new experience, you carry a fear of disappointment, a fear to get started. But I am trying to immerse myself in the art, and I’m hoping that with every day I’ll feel more and more creatively inspired.

Questions I ask myself every day on this course:

  1. I gravitate towards nature as a subject for my work. Is this a bad thing? Am I being repetitive? Am I staying in my comfort zone?
  2. I have inspiration and ideas and research and books and artists. But how do I organise my thoughts? How do I grab them and mould them into some sort of artwork?
  3. How the hell do I make an idea before the idea changes to something else? And do I bother? Is the new idea better? I’m having ideas quicker than I can make…
  4. What do the tutors want to see? Am I being samey, with my work but also in the general art world? Am I being ‘out there’ enough?
  5. Will my work ever be good enough to compete with others?

As I move through the course I feel both more inspired and more out of my depth, in equal measure. But I am truly hoping I’ll be able to find a new and growing creative side to myself on this course.

This blog will become a record of my progress, thoughts and inspirations. It will be a second journal.

See my progress through the first project here.


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