Welcome to Ellen Ball Art. Posts about my artistic journey, 90% of which end up being about other things entirely.

I’m Ellen Ball – that’s me, sporting one of my current favourite jumpers. (I own too many jumpers..). A student looking towards an illustration degree, a crazy cat lady, a nature lover, a sentimentalist and a negative thinker are some of the ways I see myself.

But I have a spark of creativity that drives everything I do, everything I make and everything I feel. Channeling my feelings through my work is what I love to do most. Whether I paint, draw or write – I let the creativity take hold.

It’s for this reason I’ve decided to start blogging. Writing about my feelings is something I feel I could and should do, and I’ve tried. But writing alongside my creative journey, documenting my feelings as well as my artistic process, might just help me help myself. And hopefully others, too.

I feel comfortable sharing my own experiences, good or bad – I stopped caring who knew about my life story a few years ago. I can’t profess to be indifferent to peoples opinions of me, because I shamefully let their opinions shape me. But maybe expressing myself here alongside my creative consciousness will help me be me, and will perhaps inspire you along the way.

If I reach out to just one person with this blog, then I will feel fulfilled.

Feel free to say hello 🙂