‘New Conditions for Space’ – ideas & research

creative, fine art degree, inspiration

On our trip to Aldershot, a town where we were told to walk and find ideas for this project based on site, I felt drawn to nature as I always do. Amongst the industrial run-down landscape, my first thoughts were urban ecosystems. 


Fine Art degree

creative, fine art degree, inspiration

I have begun a new journey – studying a BA in Fine Art. It has felt like a tricky undertaking; as with any new experience, you carry a fear of disappointment, a fear to get started. But I am trying to immerse myself in the art, and I’m hoping that with every day I’ll feel more and more creatively inspired.

the soundtrack to my year


I don’t know about anyone else, but for me songs are like bookmarks in my life. I can associate a song with an event, a feeling, a place, a friend. Songs become attached to my personal timeline, and listening to them can transport me back.

Here are the main songs that have stuck to me this past academic year, what they represent, and what I now feel when I listen to them

complete admiration


alternative title: ‘unrelenting jealousy’

Today I visited a small art gallery in my hometown, which I have been in a few times before. Immediately I was drawn to a stack of etchings that were new into the gallery, by an artist called Laurie rudling. I found myself feeling quite emotional at how beautiful and delicate the little etchings were. Perhaps this is because I myself have been etching in the print room at university, so I know the work and effort that goes into it. I began studying the marks in detail, and trying to work out how the artist achieved all the layers and marks. By this point I probably looked a bit peculiar to the gallery owner…

Evaluating Graphic Design


If the fine art pathway felt like a new beginning for me, then the graphic design rotation was a huge leap. Organising my portfolio from the past six weeks has reminded me quite how new graphic design was to me. I had never used adobe illustrator, never designed a poster using a computer and never in fact created anything with the discernible purpose of promotion. Whether what I made is any good remains to be seen, but I certainly am pleased to have tackled the project and created a decent outcome.