What is the purpose of an artists’ residency? (mock presentation)

creative, fine art degree, inspiration

An artists’ residency is when an artist or creative is invited to work on their practice in a different environment, different studio and often a different community. The website ResArtis also says they are:

  • Enablers of creative process
  • Crucial to the arts ecosystem
  • Bridging different arts disciplines and non-arts sectors
  • Essential professional opportunities
  • Profile raising with ongoing artistic, social and economic impact

Fine Art degree

creative, fine art degree, inspiration

I have begun a new journey – studying a BA in Fine Art. It has felt like a tricky undertaking; as with any new experience, you carry a fear of disappointment, a fear to get started. But I am trying to immerse myself in the art, and I’m hoping that with every day I’ll feel more and more creatively inspired.