tracks to my summer ’17


It’s been a long summer, but somehow it has gone in a flash. From mid May to now, I’ve been mulling around – from Farnham to Dorking, a short holiday away, meeting up with friends and trying to get into a better mindset ready for September. All of this has been punctuated with music; a mix of new releases, nostalgic tunes or old tracks that I’ve only just discovered, this list of music is what’s shaped my summer, 2017.


the soundtrack to my year


I don’t know about anyone else, but for me songs are like bookmarks in my life. I can associate a song with an event, a feeling, a place, a friend. Songs becomeĀ attached to my personal timeline, and listening to them can transport me back.

Here are the main songs that have stuck to me this past academic year, what they represent, and what I now feel when I listen to them